Goulbourn Lanark Soccer League

Laws of the Game

2022 Rules Summary

Click HERE for the 2022 rules summary.

Grassroots Laws of the Game

Grassroots - 2016

Download a complete copy of  Grassroots Rules here  (requires a pdf reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Summary of Amendments – Version 2016

  1. Change date references to current year.

Full Field Laws of the Game

Note for 2022:   "full field" U14 Boys and Girls teams will play 11 v 11; U17 Boys will play 7 v 7 on a mid size (9 v 9) field; U17 Girls will play 7 v 7 on a mini (7 v 7) field.  

 Full Field - 2022

These laws apply to League matches played by U13 and older players. 

This document is not a substitute for the official Laws of the Game and is to be used in conjunction with the most recent FIFA publication of the Laws of the Game. Where a conflict exists between this document and the official FIFA Laws, this document shall take precedence.

Download a GLSL copy here or FIFA Rules of the Game (requires a pdf reader, such as Adobe's Acrobat Reader).

Summary of Amendments – Version 2022

1.         Change date references to current year.

2.         Change OSA to OS

3.         Law 3:  update to include divisions playing 7 v 7

4.         Law 7:  update to include divisions playing 7 v 7

5.         Law 11:  update to include reference to teams playing on 9 v 9 or 7 v 7 fields