Goulbourn Lanark Soccer League


The Cup format (full field teams) is a round-robin with all teams playing 2-4 games, with the top teams advancing to the elimination round(s). Divisions are divided into groups based on the number of teams in a division as follows:

  • 4 teams - one group
  • 5 teams - one group
  • 6 teams - two groups of 3 teams each
  • 7 teams - one group of three teams, one group of 4 teams
  • 8 teams - two groups of 4 teams
  • 9 teams - one group of 4 teams, one group of 5 teams
  • 10 teams - two groups of 5 teams

Assigning full field teams to groups is based on the standings at the end of July. 

The Festival Format (U8 to U12) is that all teams play 3 or 4 games, (where possible, teams will be scheduled to play opponents they do not play during the regular season).

This page updated:  June 2019